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How to export Vendor Data (Contact Number, Email) from ADACO?

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  • Hollie McCabe- Lewin

    Hey @Muhammad Umar​ 


    You can use the export facility in Property > Export to get this information. You can select 'Vendor' in the drop-down and then check the required fields. It will produce an excel sheet which you can filter to see all Vendors and their associated email addresses.


    If your property is not a stand alone, you may need to go to CP to do this.


    Let me know if you have any questions :)

  • Jamil Bachruddin

    Hi @Muhammad Umar​ ,


    Please check with Marcel Blotny in term of access rights for your property.




    Jamil​, Bachruddin

  • Anonymous User

    Dear @Hollie McCabe​ ,

    Thanks for you Reply but i couldn't find this option, see below screenshot for reference.

    if you could be so kind to share with me screenshots, it would be great a help.

  • Hollie McCabe- Lewin

    Hi @Muhammad Umar​ 


    If your Property has a CP you will need to log in there to use this function. As Jamil mentioned above, it may also be restricted by user access.


    Kind Regards


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