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Where can I add the expiration date for perishable products coming to my inventory?



  • Jessica Sanderson

     Hi {@0053z00000B7ULLAA3}​ 

    Thank you for your question.


    To add expiration dates to inventory you need to do a few steps.


    1.Turn on 'Enable shelf life' in the Admin settings



    2.Then you need to choose which categories you wish to add expiration dates against, once this is turned on, everything within that category will need a expiry date entered against it during the receiving process.

    Go to Property - Setup - Category


    Add the acceptable amount of shelf life days you would expect a product to have on delivery.


    3. On receiving the products you add the expiry date of the product by expanding the cross at the side of the product as per the below.


    You can then use the 'Stock by Expiry Date' report to see what stock is about to expire, however, this process does depend on the storeroom using the FIFO method.


    Expiry information cannot appear on the welcome screen.


    I hope this helps





  • Filipe Bates

    Hello Jessica,


    Yes! It does help us a lot.

    Can we only have selected products with this feature turned on, instead of all the products in the category?

    We would only have key items in Dairy, Juice, etc.


    Thank you for your help,



  • Jessica Sanderson

    Hi @Filipe Bates​ ,

    It will include all the products within the category, so as long as it fits in with the current structure, you could create additional sub categories to just pick up the relevant products.



  • Filipe Bates


    Thank you so much!




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