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Can you include allergens in the overview of the food/meal/drink etc. on Recipe & Menu Engineering (formerly known as StarChef)?


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  • Simeon Maas

    Hi {@005D000000ANWrsIAH}​,


    That is not possible. However, there are several other ways to view nutrition and allergen information.


    • Navigate to the nutrition tab for each ingredient or recipe.
    • Our Mobile Recipe Viewer (formerly StarChef Light) is the best way to view nutrition and allergen information. One big advantage of using this feature is that recipes can be filtered by allergens, so a list of suitable recipes can be returned based on a diner's requirements. The Mobile Recipe Viewer functionality is not standard and may need to be configured.
    • There are various nutrition and allergen reports that can be run against ingredients, recipes and menus. These can be found either by navigating to the reports tab or by clicking the Reports link which, if it has been configured, is found to the left of the Overview link. Bear in mind that reports are not all enabled by default to all databases so a database may not have the report they need, in which case the customer should book an Ask Fourth session to talk to a Solutions Consultant with a view to adding reports to their database. These reports can be printed and kept in a folder for when they are needed.


    Hopefully one of those options is convenient for you.




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