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Hello, I would like to know what is the best way to treat oil for frying. We do not attach this item to recipe. How to remove them from stock? We are having wastage collection. Thank you

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  • Anonymous User

    Fnb old version

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Thank you @Petra Zeliskova​!





  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Hi @Petra Zeliskova​,


    Thanks for posting your question! Our solution experts are on hand to help - Please may you confirm which Fourth solution you use? From your post, I can see it's either FnB Live, Inventory or Adaco 😊





  • Paul Mortensen

    Hi @[Petra Zeliskova]​ 


    Thanks for getting in touch on our community page.


    You have a couple of options for depending on your preference when managing your margins.


    1. If you do not wish oil to affect your cost of sales (COS), as you do not build this into recipes, you may wish to treat this as a consumable (eg napkins) and not include this is in your COS/GP calculations. If this is the case, you can exclude this from your GP calculation on the edit product page.
    2. If you do wish to include the cost of the product in your GP calculations, a quick and easy way to manage this is through wastage templates. You can pre-populate a figure on a template (ie your typical weekly wastage for oil), and then all the site managers/chefs need to do is simply open the template and approve it on a weekly basis.

    You will be able to find more information on how to create a template on Enterprise and managing them at site level using the following links with the Fourth Community:



    I hope this helps

    Many thanks




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