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Rollover of Inventory

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  • Joshua Wright

    Hi Jayne,


    I hope you're keeping well during these difficult times!


    When you set inventory to rollover, the inventory values are derived from the stock on-hand. The on-hand value of your inventory will be impacted by Transfer; therefore, you inventory values will reflect this after you close the period.


    All being well, this answer's your question, but please reach out to us if you experience any difficulties.


    Many Thanks,


    Joshua 😁

  • Hollie McCabe- Lewin

    Hi @Jayne Taylor​


    Just to expand on @Joshua Wright​ 's answer slightly. The above statement applies when the Outlet is set to 'Perpetual' Type. If it is not perpetual, it will take the 'beginning inventory' as the closing count.


    Many Thanks


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