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Can we view/export RTI submission data?

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  • Anonymous User


    I started in my role a month ago (today!) so am new to using Fourth software but I managed to run the Payroll/View Reports/Payroll Summary - Individual Pay Period and used that as confirmation of who was actually processed in the February payroll (therefore reported on FPS on/before 19th March). We only have a monthly payroll though (Paid on 1st of the month so I still needed to extract M11 as this FPS was reported on or before 1st March).


    As the FPS has to be sent on or before each and every time employees are paid, those paid weekly (and even other frequencies with a payday that falls before 19th March) would now also be captured as they would have been reported in that FPS in time.

  • Lauren Harvey

    Hi @[Tsara Taylor]​ and @[Annette Bomzer]​ ,


    Thank you for asking, and commenting.


    The RTI/FPS is sent to HMRC when we close a payroll in Fourth.

    You can view past RTI/FPS submission dates and times to see when exactly you submitted to HMRC - on this screen Payroll Module > HMRC Data Exchange > Full Payment Submission (FPS).


    To view the employees who were paid in past a pay run, you can search here Payroll Module > Pay Runs > Past Pay Runs.


    Hope this helps.




  • Lauren Harvey

    @Tsara Taylor​ @Annette Bomzer​ 

  • Tsara Taylor

    Hi Ashley,

    My understanding is that new starters can be furloughed under the CJRS as long as they have been notified to HMRC on an rti submission prior to 19th March so it would be best to check your submissions, Lorraine posted above where you can find them.

    Good luck for tomorrow, I think we will all need it! Let’s see how long before the CJRS claim portal crashes...

  • Ashley Rodger



    I'm just looking to clarify, with weekly pay run processing, as the date ​has been extended to 19th March, does that mean any new starts up to Sunday 14th March can now be included? They would have been paid 18th March (Our rotas run Mon-Sun with a Thursday pay date)



  • Ashley Rodger

    Thanks Tsara


    I definitely think we are going to need it.  Hope all goes well for you today too.



  • Srinivas Naik

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