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What can be the reason for not being able to exchange emails with the creation of New User and PO Transmission?



  • Kay Capell



    Good day and great question! There are a few things that could cause email to fail in sending from the platform, and a few key places to check.


    First you want to be sure that a communication method has been configured for email use, this is done in Property Administration Communication settings and documentation on this can be found here


    For users you want to be sure they are configured with an email address, and with suppliers as well so that you can communicate to both via the application. These articles and


    If all these fields are configured, when you then go to "transmit PO" or "reset password" email should be sent. Sometimes you may see a pop up message stating something like "an external application is trying to connect to your email" which means you need to give your email access to permit our application to use it. What this means is when you send email via the platform our system actually sends information via YOUR email to send this communication.


    If there is ever any type of error message that is shown this will typically direct you to where the issue is coming from.


    Please let us know if you need any further information!



  • Ali Majeed

    Hello Kay,


    Thank you for all the related information provided.


    Please note we are still not able to send the password reset email to a new user neither is the new user able to transmit the PO.


    I have configured all settings as instructed in the documentation, and manage to resolve the earlier error of "failure sending email". However now even though a message appears that "mail has been send" in actual there is no communication. Moreover from the documentation of user settings there was a note regarding password reset that "this function will not work if there is an active directory", I am not sure which directory is being referred in this situation and if deactivating it would help our case.


    Kind Regards


  • Ali Majeed



    Please be informed that our issue is now resolved, as a new user is created fourth ID was to be requested and the activation email is sent. After activating it and configuring the email server settings, i was able to transmit the PO.


    Thank you.


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