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How does the budget category code settings work in Trade Simple

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  • Benjamin Oliver

    Hi @Simon Madders​ 


    The budget category functionality allows you to utilise supplier budgets in a slightly different way. With the traditional budget files you specify an amount that a unit is allowed to spend with a single supplier during a financial period. The Budget Category code allows you to bundle suppliers together and apply a consolidated budget amount to all of them.


    For example, if I only want my unit to spend £1k per month on food but I have 3 food suppliers I would load a category budget of £1k against the category FOOD and then add the category code of FOOD to all my food suppliers, that way any purchases made from any of my 3 food suppliers would deplete from my overall £1K Food budget.


    The category budget load file is the same format as the supplier budget load, but in place of the supplier code you would add your category codes.


    I hope that helps,


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