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  • Deborah Dreibelbis

    ​So the 'Standing Order' would encompass purchase orders that have frequently reoccurring charges to the same vendor over a specific period of time?  With this update, we will have the ability, along with support to create these?  Will there be job aids available to train staff?

  • Mark Whitmore

    Hi @Deborah Dreibelbis​ , thanks for your great question.

    The standing order functionality will give you this ability. There is more detail in the actual release note along with a guide on how to create and manage these, if you click on the link.


    If you need more help please reach out to your Fourth Representative and they can organise a call with a solution expert to go through this in more detail.


    Hope that helps.





  • Ivan Braun



    we are attempting that but i have seen no purchase orders created so far? can you please confirm the system will generate POs and send to the suppliers?

    in Adaco works as you can set when to run the job so that the system will send the PO with the right timing. what about on Inventory( R9)?

    will that be generated same day and no email to the suppliers as the old FnB? In that case it is not useful.

    Can you please advise as we would like to have this working as explained?


    Many thanks



  • Robert German

    Hello Ivan,

    Thank you for your message. 

    The Standing Order function in Inventory does work in the same way as on FnB Live where a pending GRN is created for each order however an order is not generated and sent to the supplier.  

    If you would like to discuss this in more detail please let me know and we can arrange

    Many thanks



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