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WFM Release Note - Rename Unpaid Holiday ...

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  • Debbie Thomas

    Hi Paul, This is great news and a long awaited change! 😁

    Please can you confirm if the changes will display when requesting holidays via the app?





  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Good Afternoon @Debbie Thomas​ 


    Our technical team can confirm that these changes will be reflected in My Holidays in Employee Self Service (ESS) within the app 😊

    I hope this answers your question? Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help,






  • Anonymous User

    ​I seem to not have the rename unpaid holiday box as shown in Fig1.

    Can somebody shed any light?


    Thank you in advance

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Good afternoon @Fiona McCue (Cameron House resort)​ 


    Thank you for your patience with this, I've been in touch with our Solution Experts, and you should be able to see this setting if you have access to the Global Setting for the HR module - please contact your Head Office to have this enabled if you do not have this access.


    However, if you have this access and still cannot view the unpaid holiday box, then I would recommend to escalate this to our Technical Support team. To do this, you can either escalate to the member(s) of your business who are responsible for raising cases with Fourth. Or if you are this person, you can select your name on the top right of the Customer Community and select the 'Raise a Technical Case' from the drop-down options.


    I hope this helps? Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you 😊


    Kind regards,






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