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WFM Release Note - Overtime Calculation ...



  • RWK Support

    Hi Heather,

    does this setting needs to be activated upon request? how does this overtime calculation works?

    Thank you

  • Alison Barlow

    Hi {@005D000000AMyiXIAT}​ 


    Thanks for your question. No, once deployed the option for the 2 or 4 week calculations will be available for anyone with access to create and update contracts from a global setting level. There is a new drop down in the contract creation page to select the number of weeks the calculation should be calculated over.


    In regards to the calculation, the payment will be made if the employee works over their contracted hours in either a 1 week, 2 week or 4 week period. For example, if an employee is contracted to 40 hours a week and has the 2 week setting on, each fortnight. the rotas will use hours worked over 80 to work out how many hours overtime is due.


    More information on setting up Overtime within contracts can be found here


    Thanks and kind regards,




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