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WFM Release Note - Company and Pay Basis ...



  • RWK Support

    Hi Heather, can you please let me know more details about this new release? what needs to be done from customer side? any additional settings needs to be activated?

    thank you

  • Fourth Customer Success Portal

    Good Morning {@005D000000AMyiXIAT}​ ,


    Thank you for your question! As per the Release Note, the settings which need to be enabled from the customer side once this Release goes live (16th Jan) is the following:


    Access to set up Company and Pay Basis Mapping is permission based. Only users with appropriate permissions will be able to create and manage Mapping sets. 


    • To access the Permissions, go to Payroll > Users > Assign User Access > Select User > Administration
    • Enable the Company/PayBasis Mapping permission


    A new setting has been added to Global Settings in order to enable the user to access the PAYE Mapping page. 


    • To locate this setting, go to Payroll > Administration > Global Settings > Go to Settings for the Adding of Employees to Payroll > Enable Allow Company and Pay Basis Mapping?


    Once these settings have been enabled, the functionality should work as per the process in the linked Release Note, and please see the Configuration, Validation and Settings sections of the Release Note in order to fully utilize this functionality 😊


    I hope this helps? Please let me or {@0053z00000B6MDJAA3}​ know if there's anything else we can do to help!







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