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Recipe and Menus Release Note - Three In ...



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    Jon Thorpe

    Hi Paul


    We've noticed that the standard ingredient API has changed and is now duplicating records where alternates exist but drops certain unit size tags. We have a case open at the moment but interested if any other customers are struggling with this API change? At the moment I've had to terminate all our ingredient integrations to our business.



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    Paul Mortensen

    Hi @Jon Thorpe​ 


    We did have 2 other customers raise a similar case to yours, which came in after your initial case was raised. The development team responded quickly to this issue and a hot fix was deployed yesterday (12/02/2020) at 7am to resolve this issue for you. Please let us know through raising a case if you are still experiencing difficulties with the API output.


    Many thanks


    Senior Solutions Consultant - Fourth

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