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Hi. Can you please advise on the quickes ...



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    Caroline Bethell

    Hi @Katie Szade​ thanks so much for this. Super useful :)

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    Katarzyna Szade

    Hi @Caroline Bethell​ 


    Thank you for raising this question.


    The quickest way to calculate the last 12 weeks Gross Pay for all employees with several PAYE companies would be to request a bespoke report to be added to your Fourth Analytics - Payroll dashboard.

    Please contact your Customer Success Manager or Customer Care Team and they will be able to ask for that work to be scheduled.


    If you aren't yet a Fourth Analytics user, you are able to extract and manipulate P11 YTD Summary report directly from Payroll module. This needs to be run separately for each PAYE company.

    Payroll module > reports > exports > P11 YTD Summary


    Hope this helps.





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