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Hi. I have 2 questions for if Rota paid ...



  • Angelo Verri

    Hi Caroline, Fourth will make an adjustment to all portals to comply with legislation effective April 6th, when averages will change to be calculated over the last 52 weeks. If an employee has 0 hours for certain weeks, these are skipped by the calculations. The system will go back and look for 12 available (now) or from April 6th will go back up to 104 weeks (2 years) to find 52 weeks on which to do calculations on. If fewer are available, than the average will be calculated on the number of available weeks. I have taken this info from the articles recently published in the community on holiday average new calculations.

  • Angelo Verri

    Hi Caroline

    I can answer with certainty to n1. Any additional hours inputted or imported directly in payroll will not affect average hours work reporting from the hr module and therefore holiday rates/accruals. Bear in mind effective April 6th the average will be for all 52 weeks due to the new holiday calculation legislation coming into effect. There is an article in this community advising to run a custom hr holiday data report for current employees before April 6th, so that the current global setting you are using (12 or 26 weeks) is reflected in the holiday rate you will use for furlough employee wage calculations - (holiday rate *average days)*52/12 will give you the monthly salary for an hourly paid person based on your current averages.


  • Caroline Bethell

    Hi @Angelo Verri​ Thanks for this. My question wasn't so much about holiday calculation but just about understanding employees average hours. This currently looks back at 26 weeks (is this changing also?). Where several weeks have zero hours, will this bring the average hours down, or will the average hours report skip these weeks?

    How does this work?

  • Lucy Cunningham

    Hi @Caroline Bethell​ 


    Thank you for your questions.


    As Angelo has advised, the system will ignore any weeks with zero hours and look back to the previous working week for up to 52 weeks if using 12 or 26 week average or up to 104 weeks when using the new 52 week option.


    With regards to the LP schedules, these are created automatically and unfortunately it isn't possible to skip weeks, so will need to be submitted.


    I hope this helps.






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