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    Sophie Waters

    Hi Roberto,


    Thank you for your questions.


    Regarding the NMW/NLW rates, the furlough payment you can claim is based on the same month's earnings from the previous year, or the average monthly earnings from the 2019/20 tax year. It may be the customer's choice whether to update the NMW/NLW rates for these furloughed employees. When they do come back to work, these rates will need updating.

    Fourth development are also working on an export that will help our customers with the information needed to help report on furlough and to use in payments.


    The Furlough flag within the new functionality will not automatically make payments to employees- you will need to adjust the salary payments for salaried employees if you are paying 80%, and more information can be found in this article:

    Hourly paid employees will need a manual payment entered in the payroll module, and the export we are developing will help with calculating these amounts so they can be loaded into the payroll module.


    Regarding the top up question, I'm not sure if I fully understand so please follow up if needed. You can be reimbursed for 80% of the employees wages up to a total of £2500. If you choose to pay the employee more that is fine.


    Flexible/zero hours- we are continually updating our information and release notes when new information or guidance is released. This is included in our update here:


    Many thanks,



    Solution Director


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    Roberto De Vivo

    Hi Sophie,


    Thank you so much, really appreciate you support.


    Kind regards



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