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  • Hi {@0053z00000AqHKPAA3}​ 


    Please refer to WFM Furloughed Employees - HMRC Guidance & see the subheader "Employee whose pay varies" - I have copied the text below for you 😊


    Employees Whose Pay Varies


    If the employee has been employed for a full 12 months, there are two suggestions of how to calculate their average pay:


    1. Use the same month’s earnings from the previous year
    2. Use the average monthly earnings from the 2019/2020 tax year


    If the employee has not been employed for a full 12 months:


    1. Use the average monthly earnings since they started work


    If the employee only started in February 2020, use a pro-rata for their earnings to claim.


    To clarify, for employees who are not paid on a monthly basis, their ‘period’ earnings should be used – i.e. Weekly, Fortnightly or Four-weekly


    Please Note – We are working on getting a complete understanding of the payment calculation for employees with variable hours. We have the new 52-week flexible Holiday calculation for Holiday pay, which has been suggested as possible calculation to use. Once this process has been clarified, we will update this page.


    In the meantime, the new Furloughed Employee page will show the average hours based on the current holiday calculation within the portal.


    To update this to 52 weeks manually, please refer to WFM Release Note - 52 Week Holiday Calculation



    Once you’ve worked out how much of an employee’s salary can be claimed, you must work out the amount of Employers National Insurance Contributions and minimum automatic enrolment Employer Pension contributions you are entitled to claim.






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