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Afternoon all!   Questions on behalf of ...


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  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Jami & Maria,


    Thank you for your questions above. I can see that you are one of our hotel customers, so I would say that if you have some employees working you will still need to open the rota, schedule those employees, complete the days and submit to payroll as per your normal process. As you will have multiple departments/divisions within your location, and you open a rota for the location, then you will still need to complete the days for the divisions that may not have any employees working in them.


    However- you can complete the days in advance as long as the week has started; just do this by clicking into the day in the division and completing it, then pressing 'move to next day' which will move you through the week. Just ensure that your rota global setting for 'Allow completion of Rota days which are in the future?' is on.


    Many thanks,



    Solution Director


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