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Hello! Based on below update, does this ...



  • Maria Ramon Grasa

    Morning both!


    Thank you very much for your response.

    @Sophie Waters​  What will be the path to follow if customer wishes to change the setting?


    Thank you in advance!


    @Daniel Vale​ 

  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Maria,


    Angelo is correct- this calculation, at the moment, looks at the global setting for holidays for either 12, 26 or 52 weeks prior to the portals rolling into the new tax year. You can amend this setting yourself if needed.


    Many thanks,


    Solution Director.

  • Angelo Verri

    Hi Maria

    Fourth will run a script that changes the settings to 52 weeks in all portals on April 6th to be compliant with the legislation. You can make the change ahead of this yourself to help with calculations of furlough payments for hourly paid employees.



  • Daniel Vale

    Hi all


    Thanks for this. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is there as way to bulk change employee's status from full/ part-time to flexible? (ref for changing holiday calculation)
    2. I assume changing the status to flexible means the system will look back 52 weeks (if this setting is applied) from the effective date change, and therefore it would not matter if you had crossed over into a new holiday year or not? (in terms of the value of the holiday days it is calculating)




  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Maria,


    To change the holiday setting, please go to HR> administration> global settings> edit default holiday settings> holiday calculations> calculation of average number of days worked based on 12, 26 or 52 weeks.


    Many thanks,


  • Sophie Waters

    Hi {@005D0000002H1h3IAC}​ 


    There isn't a way to bulk change employment status on the portal unfortunately, employees would need to be changed individually, however we can arrange for this to be done by our development team if needed, your Customer Success Manager or the Customer Care Team can help to coordinate this for you.


    With regards to changing employment status from full time or part time to flexible, the system will look back 52 weeks (if setting is applied) however only for those who had previously been paid by rota. So for example, if your employees are currently hourly paid with a status of full time or part time and you are changing them to flexible, the system will pick up the rota data from the past 52 weeks to calculate the average days and hours, however if the employees are salaried and full time or part time, and are then changed to hourly paid and flexible, the calculation of average days will only start from the effective date and will rely on rota data submitted from that date onwards. 


    I hope this helps.








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