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Is furloughed employee status appearing ...

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  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Caroline,


    Thanks for the question. At the moment the furlough status is not coming through to the rotas so there is no requirement to open/complete/submit rotas.


    We have some information on this in our Temporary Closures FAQ's that were posted last week:


    Many thanks,


  • Hi @Caroline Bethell​ 


    This isn't something that is in the pipeline at the moment from the Product team however this may be something that is looked at closer to the time of sites starting to re-open.


    Hope this helps!






  • Caroline Bethell

    Hi @Sophie Waters​ Do you know if marking furlough on the rotas is planned at any point? Where businesses gradually re-open there may be a requirement to have some staff return to work whilst others remain on furlough and it would be helpful if the rotas reflected this and prevented you from scheduling anyone who is on furlough

  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Duarte,


    Yes, you would need to schedule the employees that are still working as normal, and continue to complete the divisions and days, and submit to payroll as normal. Your hours for furloughed employees will just be 0 and you can upload their payment directly through the payroll module.


    Many thanks,



  • Duarte Ferreira

    @Sophie Waters​ so if in one department we have half of the employees in furlough and the other working do we still go ahead and close the rotas? thanks


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