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Hi, I still don't understand the correla ...

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  • Alison Barlow

    @Isobel Childs​ 


    Apologies, I got my response a little wrong. Within the calculation for average pay in the system, the taxable pay that was brought across from the previous payroll software (P11 data) is used in the calculation. It obviously can't distinguish between what is basic wage and what is overtime etc but it is included.


    Kind Regards



  • Anonymous User

    Hi Alison, thanks your response. Yes, I think we are just in a unique position due to not having been on Fourth for 12 months.


    I will see what the report and new payment type contain when available and see if that provides more clarity.



  • Alison Barlow

    The Furlough status page has been created in order for customers to record their employee's as furloughed. This flag then feeds a 'furlough status export' that is due to be released tomorrow and the changes will be saved in the employee history for audit purposes. A batch update facility is also available tomorrow which will make it much quicker to update employees to a furlough status.

    I understand your challenge in regards to the average pay calculation due to the short while you have been using the system, however most of our customers will be able to use this figure in order to calculate their employee's furlough pay. The guidance contains details of other reports - particularly the payroll custom report - that you could use which will help to calculate employee's average pay.

    In regards to the payment type, there are 3 suggestions in order to pay salaried staff, the calculated payment type is one of them. The suggestion to create new payment types for furlough payments is one because a new flag within the payment type (due to be released along with a new export) will allow for the grant claim calculations to be done via the system and an export will be available to use for the grant applications.


    I hope this helps?





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