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Hello, Considering all furloughed paymen ...



  • Sophie Waters

    Hi Katarzyna,


    Please check with your payroll specialist in our bureau, but the payment type you use to make those manual payments can be configured to be taxable, NI-able etc. so you can ensure this is set up correctly before uploading those furlough payments.


    Many thanks,



  • Alison Barlow

    Hi @Katarzyna Kuzmicka​ we will be working on creating a new export which will show the employer costs alongside the furlough payment so it can be used to make the claim for the grant. It will rely on having a separate payment type for furlough pay so that we can distinguish between furlough and any top-up payments for the calculation. It is hoped that this axport will be available towards the end of April so that it can be used when the HMRC release their reclaim system.

  • Anonymous User

    Hi Alison - will this this payment type be pre-set by the system or should we be creating it ourselves. The suggestion from my payroll administrator was that we should set up a new payment type but if you're going to be running systems reporting off it then perhaps that's not the case and we should wait for this release to clarify? Thank you


  • Kasia Kuzmicka

    @Alison Barlow​  Thank you for coming back to me.

    Do you know if there are any updates with regards to the export being created please?


    Thank you




  • Hi @Katarzyna Kuzmicka​ 


    Please refer to WFM Release Note: Furloughed Status Export which details when the release will be available, as well as what the release includes.


    I hope this helps.







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