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Hi, Can we restrict end times within Labour productivity shifts types? Thank you, Sarah Wheeler.


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  • Anonymous User

    Hi @Sarah Hinchliffe​, we cannot restrict the shift as in some circumstances the employee may have worked from 4pm - 10am. The system does not know what is correct and what is an error.


    We can enable a shift length warning that will alert a user if a shift longer than the specified number of hours has been scheduled.

    This needs to be enabled by Fourth as it is an Organisation setting.


    I would also suggest that the Graph or Cost reports are checked thoroughly as this will also highlight an error. A good report to use is Forecast V Actual V Paid.- Daily and is found in LP > Reports > Exports (If this is not enabled a request via the admin tool can be raised to add it.)

    T & A may also help highlight these errors.

    Hope this helps




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