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Purchase Order Creation



  • Joshua Wright

    Hi Valdir,


    Thank you using Fourth Community to post your query!


    It appears that you're experiencing a technical error.


    I'll raise a technical case for you and we can get your data fixed.


    See you on the other side 😁

  • Kay Capell



    Great question! When requisitions are created from templates, the template owner may have restricted who can "create PO" via the template security access.


    When this happens only that specific user can transition that final approved requisition into a purchase order.


    This could potentially be what is blocking you specifically from creating a PO from an approved purchase requisition when you are not prevented from doing so on other purchase requisitions. This article on template center and permissions may assist


    Please take a look to see if this was raised via a template and then you can ask the owner of the template to insure they have not restricted the "create PO" access within the template security.


    Many thanks!


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