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  • Lee Grisham



    I believe that is correct based on what I was told. Adaco should default to the lower priced quote for the items in question. Once that quote expires, it should revert to the next quoted price that is lower. I think that is why we have issues when Vendors send us their quotes at different times and they overlap.





  • Joshua Wright

    Hi @Elaine Reilly​ ,


    Thank you for your question.


    To expand on Lee's response, I can confirm that the Purchase Requisition will choose the lowest price vendor. If there is more than one quote available for the same vendor, it will default to the most recent quote, regardless of cost.


    ​ If you were to create a new quote that is valid for the next 3 days, provided it is the lowest price vendor, all orders will default to this quote until it's expiry.


    I hope this answers your query!


    All the Best,




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