Multiple Employment - what are the exact implications / interactions when ME is used on the rota in various scenarios?


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    Hi {@0053z00000ANi3HAAT}​ 

    This is a really great question.

    Firstly it is important to note that the costs in LP are controlled via the Wage Function Setting in the Rota module.

    There are several things to look out for when cross charging.

    • If the rota global setting is on to 'Use Salaried Actual Days worked', the system will split the weekly cost by the number of days scheduled on the rota. Therefore the day rate will vary between site. For example an employee earns £500 a week. They work 3 days in Location A and 2 days in location B. The day rate for Location A will be £500/3 = 166.67 Location B = £500/2 = £250.
    • The recommended Rota setting is to not have the rota setting enabled and the day rate will remain the same across both locations albiet a slightly lower day rate as the salary will be divided by 7.
    • If the setting for Absence deduction is on and cost is split by days worked this can result in what is viewed as a negative cost. You can consider removing this so that managers do not feel they have additional money to spend.

    As you are using Labour Productivity, I would suggest that

    • Salaries are split across 7 days
    • Absence deduction is removed.
    • Mangers should look at the weekly cost to budget not the daily cost.
    • Individual days should be looked at in terms of productivity
    • If the manager looks to be overspending on the week, the 'shape of the day' graphs should identify periods of overstaffing which can then be adjusted.

    Hope this helps







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