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Can you please confirm which I should choose for general questions?


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  • Hi {@005D000000AK2vKIAT}​!


    This is a really great question, I've seen a bit of confusion around which topic to post to before so I'm sure it will help other users too! 😊


    Here's what I recommend with posting to Topics:


    • Workforce Management - Queries/Discussions around the functionality or general use of the Workforce Management solution. For example, how do I create an employee?
    • Fourth Processes - Queries/Discussions around Fourth's services as a company/partner that you work with. For example, questions about Ask Fourth sessions, who to contact for certain services, how to raise a case, where to request training on Fourth's solutions...etc.


    I hope that makes sense? If you're ever unsure, I wouldn't worry too much about it as we'll always be able to see your post and get back to you!


    One of the great things about the Fourth Customer Community is that if you're following a thread, you'll receive an email notification of any further comments on the post. You're following the thread when:


    • You start a thread (like this one)
    • You're tagged in a thread (like {@005D0000009gedTIAQ}​  and {@005D0000006CzLYIA0}​)
    • You 'Like' a thread


    Your email notification for the post will include the contents of the new post, the thread and the direct link to the thread on the Customer Community.


    I hope that helps to explain - Let me know if there's anything else I can help with! 😊








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