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Adaco: what is the best way to set up buffeys

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  • Camille Savory

    Hello {@005D000000ANWe5IAH}​ , a good question.


    Please forgive the long answer, as recommended by my colleague {@0053z00000AqAjDAAV}​ !


    General Guidelines for costing out Buffets:

    • The key to remember with buffet costing is if it is served (meaning held on the buffet and cannot be re-used) it is a cost, whether it is eaten, held for hours and discarded, or taken on a guest’s plate and later discarded
    • The reduction of food inventory from Buffets are based on prepared or consumed quantities
    • All bulk prepared buffet menus (from Hot kitchen, Cold Kitchen, Pastry/Bakery..etc) to be considered as food cost and straight reduction to inventory based on the total prepared quantities, this includes the fresh fruit juices (could be depends on the serving method as well, if the remaining fresh juices are still in sealed cap bottles then should be excluded)
    • All individual products served in a buffet i.e: Jams, Ice creams, Whole Cheese, Pickles, nuts, dried fruits..etc; the food cost calculation for these items are based on the actual consumption ( Qty on Start of the buffet – Remaining Qty at Close of the Buffet )
    • POS Sold quantity of Buffet Menu cannot be linked to the actual buffet consumption of the guest and it would not be itemized, hence the direct reduction of inventory would not be able to be established by any means.


    What processes/module in ADACO could accommodate the above requirements:

    Recipe Module;

    o  Chef in-charge to create the sub recipe by base unit (kilogram, liter. etc.) for each individual menu used in all buffet cycles

    o  Chef in-charge must create the main recipe for each Buffet Cycle which needs to be updated on a daily basis based on the actual menus used in the buffet with actual prepared quantities

    o  Chef in-charge must include the actual consumption of individual products from the buffet as above mentioned (Opening-Closing) to update the main recipe-buffet cycle

    Enter/Maintain Sales History ; based on the information from Chef in-charge once the main recipe of the buffet cycle has been updated completely, the Cost Controller will have to manually post the updated main recipe of the buffet cycle as sales with sold quantity 1 in this module.

    Recipe for Buffet Menu Cycles could be updated anytime by authorized chefs as per business requirements, hence the reduction of inventory would be accurate and accountable (the user name of “last modified by” for the recipe would be tracked by the system) 

    Food Inventory reduction would happen automatically for each ingredient in the recipes for each menu used in the Buffet/Brunch



    I hope this helps!





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