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How we can process an Attachment of Earnings refund?



  • Emanuel Bogdan

    Thank you for above link but is invalid.

  • Sophie Waters

    Hi @Emanuel Bogdan​ 


    One option would be to create a deduction type in the payroll module called "AEO Refund" (or similar), and process a negative value on it to refund the employee.


    Hope this helps!




  • Debbie Thomas

    Hi @Emanuel Bogdan​  Attachment of earnings are entered into the employees payroll record. Payroll > Employee list > employee > Employee payroll info > attachments.

    You can set the protected earning so that the employee is correctly deducted and this will display on the payslip.


    If you use the Fourth payroll bureau, they will process this for you if you give them the information.

    You need to ensure that the Courts details are entered as it is your responsibility to pay thes on behalf of the employee. This is not automatic.


    Hope this helps





  • Sophie Waters

    Hi @Emanuel Bogdan​ 

    @Debbie Thomas​ 's response is perfectly valid when processing just a deduction (thanks @Debbie Thomas​ !), however when it comes to a refund of a deduction the process is slightly different.


    If you need any further help please do let us know.


    Many thanks,

    Lauren 😁



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