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How can we remove Products from a Guide when they appear in multiple Locations?

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  • Camille Savory

    Hi @Hudley Grisham, a good question. When you try to delete a product from a guide, you will always receive the warning message 'Are you sure you want to delete product XXX?' but if this product is in two location guides for one outlet, you will be able to delete it from one location even if it has stock, and this stock amount will automatically show in the other location, so you will not lose your stock from the outlet as a whole.


    Stock by location can be checked by viewing the 'stock status report' with 'group by' filter set to 'inventory'


    Good to hear you are keeping your guides up-to-date!



  • Lee Grisham

    Now if we could only get people to stop moving the stock between locations...


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