Report for holidays paid out.


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    Hi {@005D0000008vLcIIAU}​ 

    It is likely that employees day rate is higher in January as the employees will have worked more hours over Christmas.


    What they need to understand is.

    What the employees last 12 week pay was prior to the holiday being taken. (This is how the system calculates holiday pay but based on pay periods)

    The Daily rate = pay over 12 weeks divided by average days worked.

    An indication of this will be the number of hours and employee has worked. They can use employee hours worked for this or the payroll reports.

    I would suggest running the report for 12 weeks prior to January in line with their pay periods and working out the number of hours worked (this is given in the report ) and number of days worked (they will need to use a count formula)

    Hours x pay rate will give pay for period 

    Divide by number of days worked will give day rate.


    Depending on the period this is run for the day rate will change. Less hours over the same number of days will reduce the day rate.

    More hours over the same number of days will increase the day rate.

    Hope this helps



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