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Changes to Purchase Requisitions

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  • David Fournier

    Good afternoon {@0053z00000B7ULLAA3}​,

    Thank you for your query.


    The area within Purchasing & Inventory (formerly Adaco) best suited for this information is: Requisition->Requisition Audit.

    Search by:

    • Requsition Number
    • Created by
    • Created Date Range
    • Order Number (Advanced)
    • Product Number/Description (Advanced)


    Details then include:

    • Requisition - Header fields including Comments Log & Approval History
    • Items - Line item fields including Approval required flag & Attachments
    • Purchase Order - PO(s) created & Receiving instance(s), plus the ability to print such records as the PR, PO(s), Receiving(s), Audit Report, & Comment Log


    While this does not necessarily include some of the line item adjustments you mentioned, such as Quantity/Account changes, we recommend users to leave updates in the Comments Log (at the top of the Requisition) or the Approval/Rejection window in order to be visible later via Requisition Audit.


    Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding this topic.





  • Filipe Bates

    Hello @David Fournier​ ,


    Thank you very much, that answers it.




    Filipe Bates


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