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We have lots of customised reports espec ...

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  • Cristabelle Metcalfe

    Hi! @Amanda Marshall​ In this instance there is no audit trail for customised reports, as they are editable by anyone who has the permission to see and create them.


    I suggest once you have had a tidy up, to get all new (and any current in use) customised reports to display who created the report, and the date it was created in the 'Template Description' field. This can be added to any that are already in use by editing the customised reports with the 'Edit' Template option.


    I hope this helps!





  • Anonymous User

    We're already doing that on new reports - I was looking for a quicker way to identify those I can delete. Guess I'll just have to delete and wait for people to shout

  • Cristabelle Metcalfe

    Hi @Amanda Marshall​ ….


    It’s a great to hear that you’re already on top of this process for your new custom reports. I also highly commend clearing up reports on a regular basis too – It’s fantastic to see this best practise!


    As with alerts and reminders, custom reports by their nature are editable which currently makes auditing on these unviable. This really is great feedback for me to forward onto our Product teams – Thanks so much! Please do let us know of any other ideas/feedback you have!






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