Is it possible to order rotas?


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    Hi @Eleanor Cross​ @Kate Castellani​ @Matthew Stone​ 

    The order of the rota is determined by the Rota Global Settings.

    Rotas > Administration > Global Settings > Rota Sort order (at the bottom of the page).2019_02_18_10_53_04_Fourth_Hospitality_91_Internet_Explorer

    The Job title Priority is set up in the Job Titles, so if Breakfast Staff have a separate Job title, this can be set to a higher priority than Dinner.

    If the Job titles are not specific the system cannot know who is supposed to work a session so cannot order them.

    An easy way to see who is scheduled by session is to use the Rota Optimisation page. This is the Graph icon next to the day of the week.


    Hope this helps



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