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How is the Holidays Allowed and Holidays Accrued Calculated?


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  • Anonymous User

    Hi @David Hughes​ 

    The system calculates holiday entitlement differently for different Employment Status.

    Full Time and Flexible are both driven by the Job Title


    Full time is a Set number of days per year.

    Flexible is calculated based on the average 12 or 26 weeks x 5.6 weeks


    You can check the Job title setting in

    HR > Administration > Global Settings > Edit default holiday settings.

    Selecting the Job title will display the rules for both FT and Flexible.

    You can also check the Holiday calculation menu on the top right of the screen to see if flexible entitlement is calculated over 12 or 26 weeks.

    The below guide may also help you to troubleshoot entitlement queries.



    Hope this helps






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