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How do I restrict users from editing a released Outlet Requisition, but allow them to edit the Outlet Requisition at the point of Posting?



  • Pritesh Patel

    Hi @Steven Barath​,


    Thank you for your question,


    Unfortunately, there is not a separate User Group setting which allows released Outlet Requisitions from being edited, this would have to be an internal process driven action, whereby, you inform all users that once an Outlet Requisition has been released, it should never be amended, as you rightly stated, it would then make the pick list incorrect,


    The User Group setting to allow editing of an Outlet Requisition is an all or nothing setting, whereby, if this setting is ticked in the User Group it will allow users within that User Group to edit all Outlet Requisitions they have access to,


    I appreciate this is probably not the answer you were hoping for but unfortunately, the solution doesn't restrict users from editing once the Requisition is released to be fulfilled,





  • Steven Barath

    I understand.  the previous versions had different option (an adaco user for decades).  then released requisitions in itself under old time variants of adaco would have prevented the creating user from making the change, unless another user "returns" the released req to creator.  the person returning the req, was responsible for any printed document therefore would not return a req if the document is already being picked.  so enter now the ability to change the req and the system does an "auto" return.  instead of a person being force to return it.  let us take a moment to correct this then.  I look forward to an upgrade to the system including the necessary security.  in this instance, enhancements took away critical control.


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