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Good afternoon, As all the payslip proce ...



  • Lauren Harvey

    Good afternoon @Madara Sprudzane​ 


    I hope you are well.


    I am unsure of what you mean when you say "all the payslip process will change"?


    ​I can let you know, however, that some of our customers choose to email payslips from fourth to an employee's personal email address. These payslips are password protected, and in PDF format.

    We have customers who publish payslips on their Fourth App. Employees who have the app will log in and view their own payslips that way.


    If you are able to provide a little more detail I can assist further?




  • Madara Sprudzane

    Good morning Lauren,

    I have been informed that after 31st of July no email documentation will be provided by Fourth. Is that's correct? As I understood everyone will need to use Fourth App. If we don't want to use Fourth App ,do we have another available options how employees can receive the payslips?

    Thank you in advance.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,


  • Lauren Harvey

    HI @Madara Sprudzane​ 


    I hope you are well! Thank you for coming back to me.


    The Fourth Bureau have been running a drive to migrate payslip distribution for all payrolls over to ESS, and have communicated timelines to their customers.


    These timelines have become more relaxed due to the current situation, however the plan is still to move all customers to the app eventually.


    You can direct questions about your requirements, and preferences, to


    I hope this helps.






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