Mat leave for an employee in a location we just bought?


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    Louise Wilson

    Hi {@005D000000AK4YrIAL}​  and {@005D0000008vLcIIAU}​ 


    You will need to set up the schedule as per the date provided on the MATB1 and the original start date of the employees maternity leave. (Payroll Module> Employee record> Employee Payroll Info> Statutory Maternity Record> Add SMP Record)


    The system will not have any past payslips for this employee, so you will need to add the average weekly earnings manually. To do this go into the SMP record and select the 'Override Earnings' hyperlink. Add the AWE figure to the 'Average Earnings Override' field and the 'Pension Earnings before SMP Started Override' field. You will need to provide notes for each.


    The SMP record will calculate payments due to the employee from the SMP start date up until the end of the first pay period. You will need to manually adjust what needs to be paid in the first pay period. To do this go to the 'Maternity Pay Schedule' and select 'Edit' on the first period due. Change the figure to what is due to be paid in the first payroll and then 'Save' You will also need to put a comment in here to reference why you have changed the figure.


    Review all of the payments due and make sure that you are happy that the schedule of payments is correct. If not, adjust the amounts in each period using the 'edit' fields.


    If the SMP is still not generating and believes the employee is not entitled, you will need to go to 'View Entitlement' and tick the 'override exclusion' box. Also leave a note in the 'override reason' box.


    This should be everything you need to add the SMP info to the system. Let me know if you have any further questions.



    Louise Wilson


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