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question from a customer, can you complete a batch upload for 'reports to'? we understand that batch uploads can be completed by location however we need to complete for 180+ locations.


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  • Kelseigh Ashton

    Hi @Rachel Sutton​ and @Adam Preston​,


    There is an option through the Employee batch update that allows you to update who the employees report to.


    You can find option by go onto HR>Employees>Employee Batch Update>Select Attribute - Reports To>Search>Employees Appear>Save.


    You can do this by Location or by employee.


    When updating the reports to you can either do this per employee or you can select who you wish all employees to reports to (located on the same line as the attribute) when pressing apply it goes to all employees on the list.


    I hope this helps. 😊



    Kelseigh Ashton


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