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Can we set Outlet Requisition by Template Only while keeping full access to Purchase Requisitions?

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  • Camille Savory

    Hello {@005D000000AEQ9rIAH}​, a good question!


    With separate users, I believe this can be done based on having multiple User Groups with different permissions, e.g. Outlet Req group, Outlet Req w/ Template Only group, Purchase Req group, Purchase Req w/ Template Only group)...


    But if it's the same user, even if they were in Outlet Req w/ Template Only user group but also in Purchase Req user group, the cross-over access right 'Can Create Requisitions Directly' would allow them to do both.


    If it is the same user, we suggest applying security permissions to the Outlet Requisition Templates for the commissary so that users are not able to edit the templates created, only enter quantities.


    For further information on user group permissions and template security, see these articles




    I hope this helps?








  • Lee Grisham

    Thanks, Camille! Unfortunately this won't really help us. I'll just have to emphasize that each user only send Requisitions to our commissary through a template as they may not fill it otherwise.


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