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what is the best way to remove an item from site? i could remove from site in the F&B actions but i think this causes complications in other areas? how can i remove from all sites in 1 go?


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  • Simeon Maas

    Hi Martin,

    the best way to remove an item from site is via the F&B Actions drop down within Recipe and Menu Engineering (RME, formerly StarChef). You can remove from all sites in one go in this way. These same actions can be found within Inventory (formerly R9) but they should not be used there as RME will not be aware that the assigned sites have changed - I think this may be what you are alluding to regarding complications.


    When removing items from site you should be aware of scenarios that will prevent an item from being removed (it will be scheduled for archive in these cases.) For example, a product cannot be removed from site if it is being used in live recipes or is counted on the last stock count or is in a transfer in the open period, etc.. Likewise a recipe will not be removed from site if the PLU is matched within a sales file in the open period.


    All the best, Sim

    Solutions Consultant


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