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How do you remove Products from within the Counting app? Many thanks

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  • Joshua Wright

    Hi Jayne,


    Thanks for posting on the Community!


    When say 'remove', do you mean to remove the Product from an Outlet Guide?


    Many Thanks,


    Joshua 😁

  • Jayne Taylor

    Hi Joshua


    No I know how to remove from an Outlet Guides, however, I do not know how to remove from within the counting app on the Ipads.  I have multiple Outlets using the app, and whilst their guides are correct, not all products are required on the app and ​I am not sure how to tell them to delete?


    If product is removed fromthe Inventory Guide does this also remove from the app?


    Hope this makes sense?




  • Nina Hasell

    Hi Jayne, thank you for your question. The way to remove products from the Apps is to take them off the guide, inactivate them or delete them. We have been advised that a period of inactivity, so not being counted for a number of periods, should also remove them but we are in the process of confirming this and will advise shortly.


    Best Regards



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