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Please can you tell me how staff can access the mobile app once they have downloaded it.



  • James Hughes-Tranter

    Hi Michelle,


    Fourth Accounts can be created for anyone who has a valid 'personal email address' against their HR record - so there's no need to worry about an internal email address!


    When there is a personal email address in place, Fourth Accounts can be created following the below pathway;

    HR > Users > Fourth Account Management > Search User > Create Fourth Account > Save


    This will then send the user activation emails, informing them of their username - and a link to active the account and set a password.


    If you're experiencing issues accessing your own account, feel free to raise a case with the technical support team, and one of the team will be happy to help😀


    Have a great weekend, Michelle.


    All the best,

    James Hughes-Tranter

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Michelle

    I've followed the instruction above but 'no items were selected' has come up at the top of the screen in red - what do I need to ​do next please - or has that been sent now? thanks Jayne


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