Missing documents on Purchase to Pay (Formally known as Trade Simple)


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    Elizabeth Birch

    Hi Sarah,


    Thank you for your query! We get quite a few questions regarding missing documents on Purchase to Pay (formerly known as Tradesimple). 


    Please take a look at the top 3 things we would recommend customers and suppliers check in the case of missing documents, before a technical case is raised.


    1. On the customer's side, check that the site(s) have the correct supplier codes for unit set up.

    This can be found at Head Office level under Maintain Suppliers > Find Supplier > Relationships.

    There is also a 'Search Suppliers Code' option which is an easy way to check if a supplier code is a duplicate (which will cause documents to fail).


    2. On the supplier's side, re-send any missing documents and note the date/time they were re-sent. 

    If a tehnical case needs to be raised then Fourth Support will need the time/date they were sent for the investigation.


    3. Again on the supplier's side, once the documents have been re-sent look out for email notifications. 

    These will come from the email addresses 'donotreply-ts@fourth.com' (EMEA) or 'donotreply@smtp.purchase.na1.fourth.com' (US). Please check spam and junk folders as well.

    The notifctaions expain why a document has failed (if it failed). No notification will be sent for successful documents.


    I hope you find this helpful!






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