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can a probation report alert be set up only to go to branch managers on a monthly basis?



  • Sophie Waters

    Hi @Anna Greene​,



    Great question! Yes you can decide frequencies and who the Alert and Reminder goes to (either individuals and/or Job Titles)


    Please see the below Article which explains how:







  • Anna Greene

    I have set it up so lets see...

  • Mikayla Buttigieg

    Hi there, so too add to this message - is there a way managers will only see their site information and not the entire company?


    At the moment when setting up reminders, the reports seem to have the entire business information where I just want the Managers to receive information relating to their site.


    How can this be created?

  • Kelseigh Ashton



    Thank you for your question.


    If you only want managers to receive this information, then you will need to assign them to the event.


    The managers should only receive email information relating to the locations and divisions in which they have access to.


    If you have an example of where a manager is receiving information for sites they don't have access to, you will need to raise a case through the communities so our support team can investigate further.


    All the best,

    Kelseigh Ashton


    Senior Support Agent



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