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What would be the best report to calculate NMW and any top ups required?



  • Sultan Gori

    Dear Fourth,


    We process Monthly Payroll and all our employees are salaried. The report we require is for the full calendar month ​as oppose to the current report available under Rotas>Reports>Exports>NMW Top Up for Salaried employees. The report only works on 4 weeks or 5 weeks from the rota start date i.e. First Monday of the Month Start date. For example if running the date range 01/08/2018 - 31/08/2018 the date returned in excel is 06/08/2018 - 31/08/2018 which is not the full calendar month i.e from the 1st to 30/31st of month. Please advise.

  • Sarah Henderson

    @Sultan Gori​ 

  • Anonymous User

    Hi {@005D0000006CzLYIA0}​ {@005D000000AK2fHIAT}​ 

    For customers using the payroll module the best option is to use the NMW/NLW exports in payroll.


    Payroll > Reports > Exports

    NMW/NLW tax year 2018 – Current Period only. This will not account for what has not yet happened if paying in advance.

    NMW/NLW (Past Period) - Can be used retrospectively and top ups paid the following period.


    Please be aware that for the report to consider absences, an end date should be entered in all absences.


    The Configuration required for the export to work correctly is;


    1.     Enable Global setting

    Payroll > Administration > Global settings > Employee payments>

    Enable choosing which payment or deduction to include in the minimum wage compliance report


    2.     The export is currently using all Payment Types in the calculation and in order to focus on the rates as set by HMRC guidelines, some configuration is required within the portal.

    For help with what is should and should not be included, please refer to the HMRC website link below.


    The following articles explain the functionality of the reports when they were released.



    Bureau customers that do not have access to configure payment types can speak to their payroll specialist who will do this for them.


    When running the export, please ensure the 'Top up required' is investigated before paying as incorrect entry in the system will affect results.

    The report will also not account for any travel between venues which should be included in the NMW calculation.


    For customers that do not use the payroll module, NMW should be calculated in the payroll system they use to ensure additional payments and deductions have been accounted for.


    The export in the rota module will give an indication of hours v salary on completed rota weeks so can only be used for payroll periods that are weekly, Fortnightly, or 4 weekly.


    The attached powerpoint may help with understanding the NMW rules set by HMRC and best practice with regards to rotas and Time & Attendance.

    I hope this helps







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