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Why is the Order Audit Report not showing changes to PO's?

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  • Andrew McEvoy

    Thanks Hollie :)

  • Hollie McCabe- Lewin

    This report will only show modifications made to Purchase Orders a certain amount of time back, dependent on what the Audit retention is set to - this is the same for all the audit report.

    The Audit Retention settings can be found in Property > Administration > General > Audit Retention (Days). This setting controls how long Adaco will save audit data in the database. If this is currently set to 365 days, but it was previously set to 30 days, each day the database adds more and more data from the audits until it reaches the set amount of days. Regardless of the Audit Retention settings, the creation dates for orders will always be shown.

    I hope the above is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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