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What should we do if an outlet requisition is posted in the wrong Inventory period?

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  • Camille Savory

    Hello @Ali Majeed​ ,


    Many thanks for your query. I’m afraid that is not possible to amend an outlet requisition posting period once posted. However if your Inventory Period is still open it is possible for you to create a “reverse” requisition within the current period and then re-enter the outlet requisition again, posting it to the correct period date. Please let me know if you have any further queries or require assistance.


    Best Regards

    @Camille Savory​ on behalf of @Nina Hasell​ 

  • Camille Savory

    Hello @Ali Majeed​ ,


    You are correct with your first suggested way of 'reversing a requisition', we would recommend reversing the ordering and supplying outlets to cancel out the overall stock movement.



    @Camille Savory​ @Nina Hasell​ 

  • Ali Majeed

    Hello Camille,


    Thank you for your reply and explaining the solution..


    Further to this can you also guide processing a "reverse requisition" does this imply on reversing the ordering and supplying outlets or entering negative quantities?


    Kind Regards,


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