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For FnB Live, we need to do an analysis of beverage recipes and products in the system and need advice on what reports can provide information around this



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    Paul Mortensen

    Hi @Caroline Bethell​ 

    1. You can run the 'Sales Mix Analysis' report (Enterprise > Reports > Analysis > Sales Mix Analysis). However, if you have a large volume of sites and recipes, then the report may not generate over a time frame as large as 12 months, and you may need to run the report in batches.
    2. The above report should also be able to give you this information
    3. With the same report you can group by menu group (aka category) and use excel to show how many menu items exist in each group
    4. There is not a report that wil highlight products in use, but there are many that will highlight those that are not:

    Enterprise > Reports > Organisation > Products with no Activity

    Enterprise > Reports > Organisation >Site Products not used in Menu Items or Batches


    Many thanks

    Paul Mortensen - Senior Solution Consultant P2P&I Restaurants

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    Caroline Bethell

    Thanks Paul 😊

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