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How best to change GL Account Codes


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  • Ben Oliver

    In order to re-code the GL account for your outlets you will need access to the Property > Set Up menu and from there find Outlets within the Location section. You will need to update each outlet individually.


    Looking at the codes you are wanting to move from and to I would also point out that the General Ledger account for an outlet is often used to make up part of a string of codes in conjunction with the purchase account. I can see in your application that your GL Account for the restaurant is '20' and the '5100-20-000' is actually your cost account for Food. Without knowing the specifics of your AP/GL system I wouldn't be able to say how those values are strung together but i would be willing to say that the majority of the re-coding goes beyond just your Outlet GL Accounts.


    For a more in depth investigation please contact your Fourth representative.


    I hope that helps,





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